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It's all about sustainability at Ryefield

It’s All About Sustainability


“These days, farming is all about sustainability” say Terry and Marianne Brazier of “Ryefield” at Wards Mistake.


“Over the past two years we’ve begun to move away from the traditional methods we’ve employed for many years, involving high stocking rates and regular super applications.” said Terry.


“There is a lot more to soil health than just the right balance of elements, and we wanted to find a product that would not only provide the phosphate and other essentials, but would also support other vital aspects of soil fertility, such as increased earthworm numbers and other organisms, improved soil microbiology, and better water retention. 


“We applied BioAgPhos for the first time in January this year, and have been very pleased with the results.  We had anticipated that it would take some time for the soil to recover from the long term use of acidic products, so we were pretty surprised to see large populations of earthworms in the soil out in the middle of open spaces in paddocks that had been treated with the BioAgPhos for the first time only seven months ago.  There was also a significant reduction in compaction of the soil, with a probe going in easily to about 50cm, in areas were hard and compacted at this time of year.  


“We had a particularly wet season, which normally would have led to the leaching of the more water soluble super products, but observed that that the BioAgPhos supported a more sustained and prolonged growth period for pasture with what appeared to be a higher legume content. 


“Although it has to be said that the season has been one of the best for many years, making it difficult to determine the true benefit of the fertiliser change, the huge increase in earthworm population is a very positive indication.  We are confident that this alone will have a huge impact on the ability of our pastures to be more resilient in dry times, with big improvements in water retention, and  better root structures in pasture plants.


“We can see that this product fits in very well with our long term sustainability goals.” said Terry.   “We will be applying it again this year, and are looking forward to seeing improvements in the paddocks where we haven’t used it yet”.


 For further information about BioAgPhos, contact Guyra Rural Services on (02) 6779 1202