Megatrace Minerals for Livestock

Stockhealth Megatrace Mineral Supplement

MegaTrace is a unique formulation that is easily assimilated and absorbed by livestock. MegaTrace is a trace mineral supplement specially created for animals to help address mineral deficiencies, therefore maximizing growth potential and optimizing production and performance levels. As an easy to administer, complete, balanced mineral package, Megatrace’s adaptability to be used in almost any means of application helps it to be given to animals easily and efficiently, ensuring that deficiencies are met and productivity is optimized before it ever gets lost.

What is bioavailability? In short, this basically means that the minerals can be readily absorbed or taken-up by the animal, so they can be quickly utilized to address deficiencies and sustain output.

When do I need to administer MegaTrace? Research has shown that smaller, regular dosages of minerals (eg. Adding to feed or water supply) is better than large spasmodic “megadoses” (drenches). The most important thing however, is that the animals have sufficient access to the minerals, in order to perform. Set times of the year when feed quality is poor or demands on the animal are increased - (calving, foaling, lambing etc) - dosage rates may need to be increased to correlate with the higher stress on the animals.

Megatrace Mineral Supplement

Boron Carrier of essential elements to the cells.
Calcium Essential for bone and teeth formation, milk production, nerve function, cell permeability, muscle contraction and blood coagulation.
Chloride Maintains osmotic pressure and acid-based balance of body fluids.
Cobalt   Major function as an essential component of vitamin B12 and Propionate, (a major source of energy in ruminants) rumen micro organisms use cobalt for synthesis of vitamin B12 and the growth of rumen bacteria.
Copper Essential for Hemoglobin formulation, in the enzyme system for hair/wool development and pigmentation, bone development, reproduction and lactation. Enhances disease resistance.
Iodide Used by the thyriod glad to produce thyroxin, a type of iodine that contains hormones that contol metabolic rates of the animal.
Magnesium Essential for normal skeletal development, is a constituent of bone and functions as an enzyme activator in the glycolic system.
Phosphorous Involved in bone and teeth formation and energy metabolism, also an important component to many enzyme systems.
Potassium Involved in osmotic pressure and acid-base balance, Influences carbohydrate metabolism and muscle activity.
Selenium Needed for Vitamin E absorbtion and retention, plays an important part in the production of antibodies and thus disease resistance. Deficency may cause high rates of infertility.
Sodium Associated with muscle contraction. Involved in water balance, transfer of nutrients to cells and waste removal.
Sulphur Required as a constituent of cystine and methionine (amino acids) and other elements involved in various metabolic functions.
Zinc Needed for bone and development for normal protein synthesis and metabolisms