Soil Analysis

We offer independent and comprehensive soil testing utilising the Environmental Analysis Laboratory (EAL) which is part of the Southern Cross University at Lismore NSW.

An accurate soil analysis is vital to understanding your soil. Soil testing provides valuable information on important soil characteristics both physical and chemical. The results will greatly assist in cost effective decisions about fertilisers and other soil additions on your farm.

The recommendations utilise the proven principles of the Albrecht system of soil fertility management. The aim is to correct and raise the overall soil fertility to improve and maintain yields and/or crop quality.

The Albrecht, or Soluble Test uses a blend of mild acids and is the common sort of soil test that tells us what may be readily available via water uptake in the top 15 cm of soil. However, it does not tell us what is locked up in the mineral structure of the soil--or what may be available at greater depth.

The Total Test is analysed with a mix of very strong acids called aqua regia, and it reveals what is locked up in the soil's mineral structure as though it were an ore sample. Much of this may become available if robust and diverse microbial activity is encouraged.