NutraGold Sulphur

Sulphur Essentials

  • Sulphur is the fourth essential element after N, P & K
  • Sulphur is vital for optimum plant growth, yield and quality
  • Sulphur deficiences reduce plant protein production
  • Sulphur is not soluable and microbial activity is essential
  • Sulphur Particle size is crucial for making SO4 available

Sulphur (S) plays a vital role in crop nutrition and is essential for optimal plant growth, yield and quality. The natural
supply of Sulphur from the atmosphere has reduced due to cleaner air through a reduction in industrial gas emissions. Combining this with the increased trend towards using high-analysis sulphur free fertilisers has resulted in many regions soil becoming sulphur deficient. As a result demand for sulphur for an agricultural application has grown rapidly.

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