Calciprill is a 2-6 mm lime granule made from ultrafine, high purity limestone. It is manufactured in Australia by Omya  AG, the world’s leading producer of ultra-fine calcium carbonate. Calciprill is 36% calcium, an essential nutrient for plant growth. Calciprill is low in dust, easy to spread and breaks down rapidly in moisture. Calciprill can be applied regularly at low rates to maintain a healthy soil pH, replace depleted calcium and alleviate toxicity of certain ions in the soil, such as aluminium. Regular maintenance of soil pH and nutrient balance is agronomically preferable to applying larger quantities of Ag lime on a typical 5 to 10 year basis. Calciprill gives you the option of using your own fertiliser spreading equipment for a more timely application and can lower the risk of introducing off-farm pathogens or weeds. It can also be applied by air to country inaccessible by ground. Calciprill can be direct drilled or air-seeded with lucerne, canola and cereals to aid in crop establishment.

Information Sheet [PDF]