BioAgPhos is a unique fertiliser that provides pastures and crops with an immediate and continuing source of plant-available phosphate. It consists of reactive phosphate rock that has been treated with a proprietary microbial culture. Unlike conventional acidified fertilisers, BioAgPhos is not water soluble and therefore does not leach or become “locked up”.

BioAgPhos contains a minimum phosphorus content of 12%, about one third of which is immediately available (i.e. citrate-soluble) for plant use. The remainder is slowly digested by the micro-organisms and added to the nutrient reservoir in the soil. The improved microbial activity in the soil after application also helps unlock previously-applied phosphate, calcium and other nutrients, leading to long-term benefits in soil structure and fertility.

Features and benefits

  • Reactive phosphate rock treated with a proprietary microbial culture
  • Immediate and continued-release of plant-available phosphate
  • Improved soil microbial activity “unlocks” previously-applied nutrients
  • Rejuvenates natural soil fertility and structure
  • Improves plant growth, nutritional value and yields
  • Can be easily mixed with lime and/or gypsum
  • Apply using a belt spreader
  • BFA Allowed Input 221AI